Whilst we are still discussing climate change in Germany, it has long since become an everyday companion for people in other parts of the world. Our climate is changing and the impacts are unevenly distributed across society. 

Our local CHARITY at [ ] Team at the children’s village Mbigili in Tanzania is also fighting everyday against the effects of climate. Extremely long, dry summers are followed by monsoon-like rains and storms that damage the infrastructure of the village and endanger the health of our children, staff and animals. According to estimates by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the African continent is particularly affected by global warming. And it continues to get worse.


Due to the unusually heavy rains, our roofs are leaking and mold is spreading indoors. This endangers the health of our children and employees. That is why we have to act quickly. To protect our roofs from the climate long term and in a sustainable way, we need to raise 25 thousand euros.


Together we can make a difference and provide a safe and dry home for 80 children. Support us now!


We need 18 000 Euro per month or a total of 216 000 Euro per year and this year, more than ever. 100% of your donation is directly forwarded into our project on site. Help us by donating monthly or or yearly.



of the donations are transferred directly to the Mbigili children’s village! Our administrative and transaction costs are borne by loyal sponsors.

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Charity at gGmbH is approved as a non-profit by the tax office for corporations Berlin. Therefore, your donation is tax-deductible. At the beginning of next year, you will automatically receive your donation receipt as a collective confirmation via mail. Recurrent donations can be changed oder terminated any time without formal notice. For this purpose, please contact