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of the donations are transferred directly to the Mbigili children’s village! Our administrative and transaction costs are borne by loyal sponsors.

Since 2008, the Mbigili children’s village offers children a family environment in which they can develop freely and unfold carefree. We recognize each child’s strengths and weaknesses and help them learn a profession that matches their talents and abilities. We currently support 200 children in this way – of which 80 live in the children’s village and 120 are supported with Home Based Care.


In order to secure the future of the project sustainably, we ask for your support!


Join our circle of friends now and cover the steady project costs of 18.000 Euros per month together with us. With your monthly donation, you can help us to continue our work of the past 10 years. 100% of your donations will be directly transmitted.


Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.

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  • “We are selfish: whenever we share some of our fortune, we feel how privileged we are, to have been born in Europe. Cookie and his team secure, that every cent donated, will directly arrive where it’s needed most. That’s why we feel so much pleasure to support Mbigili Village and its kids.”

    Anne Ruzicka & Dirk Große-Leege
  • “100% of the donations reach the children’s village. I was able to see that with my own eyes traveling to Mbigili with Cookie. The children are support throughout their educational path until they can stand on their own feet. The focus on education and self-sufficiency is truly important and special with this project.”

    Benjamin Mateev
  • “Friendship means reliability – this is what Charity at is based on. Onsite everybody works for the sustainable future of the children. Our donations allow for the necessary investments.”

    Alice & Chris Bartz

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Every contribution helps to ensure the long-term support of the children.