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In the Beginning there was a Courageous Man and a Friendship


The nonprofit initiative Charity at [ ] in support of the Mbigili children’s village in Tanzania is based on friendship and long-term, reliable commitment. For over twelve years, Charity at [ ] and its circle of Berlin supporters have been collecting donations for the 80 children of Mbigili through charity dinners at various locations.


The friends and successful entrepreneurs Cookie Heinz Gindullis and Thomas-Marco Steinle launched the project in 2008 to help their friend Ingo Lenz, who managed the Mbigili children’s village back then. The former TV journalist stepped in unexpectedly and completely unprepared when the founder of the children’s village – Ursula Lettgen – fell ill. Since the first visit to the children’s village in 2010 and after getting to know the local children, Cookie and Thomas are determined to support this unique project in a sustainable way.


The aim of the project is to give the children of Mbigili a future perspective. The main investments are made in education. With the help of experienced therapists, a unique pedagogical concept is implemented in the children’s village to enable the children to lead an independent and self-directed life. With the support of Charity at [ ], the children and adolescents grow up protected and their education is based on the principles of recognition and respect. This is expected to enable the children to later help shape the future of their country.


of the donations are transferred directly to the Mbigili children’s village! Our administrative and transaction costs are borne by loyal sponsors.


Since 2008, we have transferred 100% of the donations directly to the Mbigili children’s village. This has ensured the education of, as of today, 80 children from a preschool age up until their working life.


Over the course of twelve years, the infrastructure of the children’s village has grown. In that time, we have constructed two wells and a maxi-house for children over the age of twelve and also provided a stable power supply.


By investing in the setup of the farm, including a greenhouse, the self-sufficiency of the children’s village was made possible. The balanced diet with fresh products promotes the children’s health.

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